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Feng Shui Dream Home

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

house feng shui
How to Design your Dream Home with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui ~ 11 ~ Relaxing Music ~ Soothing Pictures

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

garden feng shui download HERE
A beautiful walled garden, warm and inviting yet sometimes dark and mysterious, magic is everywhere. The garden spirits carry you away to a world limited only by the imagination to tell tales of ancient gardens mystical past.
‘Fountain Of Dreams’ is from the CD “Fountain of Dreams” with is part os a 3CD set entitled ‘Feng Shui for Gardens’ To listen to other recordings from this CD and the others in the set click on
Video produced for blue dot music by Robert Nichol/AllCast

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Feng Shui For Your Inner Space

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

feng shui gift Feng Shui is a gift to us. Once you realize that your perception shapes your reality, you can begin to be “intentional”. You can design your life.

“Feng Shui For Your Inner Space” is a beautiful journey into the harmonics of Feng Shui through Intentional Art and the majesty of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”.
Rearrange your outer space and the flow of energy is re-directed, your chi manifesting into happier forms. Rearrange your inner space and your entire life is transmuted into a matrix of bliss. As a result, you will re-program the dynamic patterns of your life force. Feng Shui is interactive by nature. There is a symbiotic relationship between you and what you see outside yourself, whether you are conscious of the effects and the continuing momentum of inner and outer events or not.
“Feng Shui for your Inner Space” uses a mirroring technique to achieve harmony within you. As you experience the power of the images’ symbolism as visual cues that you, more than likely, will replicate, anxiety and fear clear and a happier world emerges.

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a feng shui question?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

my bedroom is rectangular ,its door is in middle .at the right of the door there is a window and a door for the garden . at at the left of the door exists the bad luck area 2 5 .(where i cannot put the bed ) .
the window is SW which is my best direction

can i place the bed under the window which has a curtain and cover ??

-plz do not suggest another place for the bed and stick to the question
- do not post an answer if you r not sure

just give a simple answer : yes or no
the door of z flat at E 43 > toilet NE
child bedroom N 79 THEN a window at NW
kitchen NW 88 +W
living room is used as a bedroom
w (door to garden) sw 34 (a window )
s (facing the door of the room ) then SE(52) PRESENT PLACE OF THE BED

can u imagine it now ???

your description is a bit vague. would be better if you have an illustration.

a bed under the window – i cant see why not except for the following concerns:
- you cannot put a bed in a space where there is 5 and 2, that would be like suicide
- there is a remedy for the 5 and 2 (but i would not risk it as a bedroom, other less used rooms are okay, put 8 gemstones wired together in a chinese "8" fengshui pattern, then hand it in the space, this would make the space have 258, so it is a bit neutralized, though not entirely; then by dividing space you should be able to keep the energy of 52 smaller, this is chi distribution method)
- the best direction or the success direction is not always the best. it depends on your bazi, if you are strong or weak. so be careful. if like most people you are weak, then you use your best direction, you might be overwhelmed, which in fengshui can spell disaster.

Feng Shui 101: How to Find the 9 Areas in a Room or House

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

house feng shui Feng shui principles help you use the compass directions to orient your house and the rooms of your home to find out how chi or energy flows through your living space. In this video, we go through some basic tenants of this eastern practice to show you how your house and each room in it can be oriented to a grid of 9 Life Areas. Visit for expert videos, tips, resources, and advice on home decorating. And read Sarah Shurety’s great book “Feng Shui for Your Home” for great in-depth help with setting up your home and rooms. Music: “Birth” by Kyle Patrick Johnson.

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Design ideas for a Feng Shui garden Cork city, Ireland

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

garden feng shui Designed and built by outdoor spaces in cork

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Feng Shui the Easiest Way

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

feng shui gift I’m so excited to introduce my new product: Feng Shui The Easiest Way. If you didn’t make as much money as you wanted this year, if you have quarraling in your home, if your life wasn’t going the way you wanted it to -YOU NEED THIS! Feng Shui is The Law of Attraction AROUND you. What you have in your environment affects your prosperity and relationships. Feng Shui The Easiest Way is a 4 part video that takes you from room to room and teaches you how to make your surroundings bring in abundance. This 175 Minute program is offered at a Special holiday price, so don’t miss out!

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Feng Shui Beginners: How to Use Feng Shui to Enhance Your Luck

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Feng Shui is not a dish best served warm with some oyster sauce. It is the art of tuning you in with Mother Nature, so that she may notice you, stroke your head gently and impart upon you all of nature’s secret energies of wisdom, love, power, luck and wealth. People all over the world, including Chinese people have turned into the more antiquated recesses of history and have been using feng shui to enhance their prosperity and ensure their longevity. This is some literature for those not in the know, a feng shui for beginners so to speak – instructing all on how to use feng shui to enhance your luck.

Feng shui is using the power of colours, arrangement and design structures to make any living or working space sort of a tuning fork or sponge that can absorb as much good energy as it can to give you prosperity, luck and wisdom. Adversely, you could be stuck in a situation where the reverse is true, bad colours and odious arrangements make for the ‘scarecrow’ effect – driving away ‘Chi’ or good energy.

What we are concentrating here is on luck and I will explain a bit on that as well. Ancient masters of old China, well schooled in the arts of feng shui have divided luck into three bite sized and packaged portions. ‘Tien’, also known as luck of the heavens, ‘Ti’, a luck spawned from earth and ‘Ren’, the best luck of all, created from the tools of humanity and the individual.

Now Tien is the preset luck, it all depends on time of birth, location and family history. Ti and Ren however are entirely up to you. Ti or Earth Luck is the one you have the most control over. This luck is resonant with the energies of nature and they flow within the world we live in at every turn. This is also where feng shui is most applicable because these are the very energies or ‘Chi’ that you must tune to enjoy a lifetime of good luck and prosperity. The totality of the approach is this, what colours you use and how your house is arranged will decide how much and how often these energies will call on you and make themselves comfortable in your abode.

What you put in your house is also very important. Dried flowers, fake plants or anything with thorns or sharp jagged edges may just cut a swathe into the good energies and chase them away. Feng Shui identifies eight segments of life – career, relationship, health, travel, children, family, education and fame. Each of them has a place in any living and working space and anyone can use what they have or Feng Shui specific objects like crystals and stones to augment and control the amount of ‘Chi’ travelling through the house as well as balance the yin (masculine) and the yang (feminine) energies of the house – maintaining a balance that is ideal for wealth, luck and prosperity to grow. So use this feng shui for beginners guide as your first step towards enhancing your luck today.

Lynn Lee

Feng Shui: The Power Of Light

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Feng Shui and light. In its simplest form light and illumination represent energy. The power of light. The power of energy. Overall natural lighting is the simplest Feng Shui. Natural lighting is best. Anything else is not natural. It is synthetic and not of real and substantial origins or power. Light represents good. Light represents power, strength, honor, integrity, enlightenment and education.

A room, home or person without full and natural light lives in darkness. It is as if that person or their family live in moral darkness without the benefits of the power of qi and Feng Shui.

Thus in terms of Feng Shui and the power and benefits of Feng Shui natural lighting is always best. Artificial lighting is an add on – an accessory. Artificial lighting can help to adjust the qi in dark and very difficult spots in your home, office or residence. Take great care when employing artificial light that this type of lighting, when employed, creates the same balancing as well as balanced stabilizing effect as natural light from the great sun of our heavens and universe – our “sun”, Work greatly to have the same and similar effect of natural light in your adjustments of artificial, man made light, with the basic natural light of your environments and environs.

How can this are accomplished. First things first. Walls should be brightly colored – paint should be light and neutral colors. The same with wallpaper coloration choices. You would be amazed at how much light a dark color wall can absorb compared to lighter and whiter colors. Even the color of growth and renewal, green, was made by the creator to absorb as much of the growth enhancing light as possible. Use lighter coloration choices. Next I f possible, then the surface of the painted or wallpaper should be flat, to best reflect the light energy – not of mottled or dimpled textures.

The walls themselves should be clean – free of dirt, grease and grime. A simple washing of walls can do great wonders in increasing and improving the natural lighting levels and energies to specific areas.

It can be said that “harsh” overhead lighting can be more than oppressive. Think of the lamps and lighting in prison movies and even big box stores or even abusive employment agencies. What do they all have in common – harsh overhead single focused light and lamp fixtures. On the other hand table mounted can and do work to create soft pools of light. Rooms lit by table mounted lights, carefully placed, seem to have soft pools of light. These rooms jump of qi. A feeling and balance and overall comfort and relaxation results. On the other extreme if you are saddled with a dark corner or sunken living room or a room planned to be sunken and solitary in nature then a carefully as well as strategically placed upward facing floor lamp or lamps can more than help stimulate qi or those dark and distant areas. In dealing with a “yan” area then candles can be added to add and enhance the flows and retention of vital yang energies and qualities.

Lastly in garden areas lighting can be use in these garden areas to balance shape, even out the surface and surfaces of the land and of course bring life and breadth to any and all dead spots and areas. Vital qi forces will just rush in.

It can be said that a man without education lives in darkness. A room , residence , abode or business office without full or balanced light and lighting lives similarly in darkness – in a position of lack of power , honor , integrity , luck and prosperity. Take the time to balance and enhance light, the type, balance and level of light to your living and working areas. Feng Shui !

Frances T. Russell

Giving the Gift of Bonsai Moneytree

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

One of the most popular and easiest to grow among bonsai tree species is the onsai money tree. If you wish to gift yourself or a loved one with the perfect indoor plant, look no more because there’s no one that a bonsai moneytree can’t please.

A Starter Plant Bonsai moneytrees are ideal gifts for people with very light green thumbs or are still starting out in gardening. Unlike other species of bonsai trees, the bonsai moneytree is easy and simple to grow. It requires minimal care and attention, so you don’t necessarily have to spend the whole day monitoring its growth. Of course, be sure to advise your recipient that even bonsai moneytrees need to be shown TLC once in a while to grow properly.  

Tree for Luck Bonsai moneytrees are perfect gifts for people who are superstitious by nature because in Eastern legends, bonsai moneytrees are symbols of luck especially when you acquire them not by purchase but by way of gifts from other people. Make sure that you inform the recipient of course that luck won’t knock on their doorstep if they don’t take special care of their plant.

The luck of bonsai moneytrees depend on the number of leaves it has on each stem. It’s typical for bonsai moneytrees to have four or five leaves on each stem. Make sure then that you don’t give anything less than this as it could cause your more superstitious recipients to think that you don’t wish for them to fully prosper.

The luckiest among all bonsai moneytrees are those with seven leaves on each stem. If you find a bonsai moneytree of this kind, do make sure that you give it to someone who’s extremely dear to you. A special bonsai moneytree, after all, is meant for a special person!

Other Things to Know about Bonsai Moneytrees A bonsai moneytree is usually restricted to being one to less than two feet tall. If left to grow fully, however, bonsai moneytrees can grow as tall as 7 feet. If you or your recipient therefore have an indoor garden or conservatory with particularly high ceilings, it’s possible for you to allow bonsai moneytrees to grow fully inside your home. When grown fully, bonsai moneytrees will possess enormous and vividly green leaves on top.

Lastly, if you are a believer of feng shui, you should know that bonsai moneytree can bring positive chi to your house – but only if you place it in the financial phase of your home or office.

Jess Shaw