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Wall Mounted Fountains in a Feng Shui Home

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Wall mounted fountains make such a difference to the atmosphere in your home. Indoor wall fountains have become a very welcome feature tool for creating an indoor oasis, exclusive to your own personal taste and lifestyle. They lend a peaceful and comforting Feng Shui atmosphere to your surroundings and are so much fun to own.

Improved Feng Shui is just one of the many reasons why indoor wall mounted fountains are chosen to enhance the ambience of some of the finest homes, business, restaurants, hotels and corporations from around the world.  These wall mounted fountains are also very easy to take care of.

When we moved into our new house, we wanted to have a calming ambience throughout our house.  After researching online, we found that a wall mounted waterfall was the answer. Indoor wall mounted fountains provide a stunning accent for any room and are available in a wide variety of wallet friendly prices. 

Indoor wall mounted fountains are becoming very popular as an indoor accessory and for many adding one to their interior is of major importance. It certainly was for us. Fountains can also add to the humidity which is good in certain environments.  Indoor wall mounted fountains are a way for you to bring the relaxing effects of running water into the home or office. 

We found that wall mounted fountains are also available in a wonderful selection of artwork forms, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary unit, you are sure to find just the right fountain for any room you are modifying. 

Indoor wall mounted fountains are flat, and have water flowing over the fountain face, and are framed on the top and bottom.  Our wall mounted fountain was easy to set up, and even easier to enjoy. 

After researching online at the many different designs styles from traditional lion head wall mounted fountains or cherub water fountains to contemporary and modern wall mount fountains such as the Vestaglia indoor wall fountain by Hunter Kenroy and the Waikiki Beach wall fountain by Water Wonders we settled on a medium Waikiki that we found at Serenity Health.

Indoor fountains are available in many styles, made with long-lasting materials like stainless steel and heat-treated metals and come in a variety of designs and sizes. 

Your wall mounted fountain can transform your home by providing a wonderful backdrop for other relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga. You will find that your indoor wall fountain has the ability to calm anyone within the area you display your personal oasis of relaxation. They add to the value of any setting while at work or entertaining guests in your home and are a great conversation piece.

Another benefit that we found with indoor wall mounted fountains is they also act as natural air purifiers.  The water tumbles back into the indoor fountains reservoir releasing negative ions into the room.

These negative ions bond to unwanted dust particles and allergens, purifying the environment and promoting physical and mental health.  It is this energy transfer that concerns the Feng Shui discipline, which teaches us the importance of maintaining a proper balance of elements for a healthy, prosperous environment.

The air inside your home is often more polluted than the air outside, and you can help to make your environment healthier with a wall mounted fountain

The author recently installed a water fountain in his own home.

Ian Patterson

Agile Environmental Feng Shui Garden (IVE Shatin) – BEC Low-carbon Home 2011-2012 Programme

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

garden feng shui bechongkong Environmental Feng Shui Garden (IVE Shatin) – BEC Low-carbon Home 2011-2012 Programme

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