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Do you know a site that I can order a free catalog containing Feng Shui from?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

I love feng shui. I may be only 14, but I know alot about it and I say that it really matches everything about me. So, please help me. Do you know a link or some website that isn’t fraudulent or fake, but has reliable service.

(Example) The only site that I have is Acacia. It’s my favorite in the world… so far!

basically i do not have a favorite website or a book. i just took some courses some fengshui masters/ practitioners – thus, i know some methods of fengshui. i do not really think that statues would do you a lot of good. i do still think that fengshui is about the center of the house, and how it responds to its surroundings, esp where your main front door (of the whole house, not your bedroom) faces, bec it is where most yang comes from.

i do recommend that you select a good fengshui master or practitioner who you can learn from. bec for me it is the only way to learn chinese fengshui.

feng shui remedy: cut out skylight to have house reborn?

Friday, February 1st, 2013

feng shui consultant who analyzed my home recommended to cut out skylights and leave them open for at least 4 days to change the year the house was "born". the house would be considered born this year. can you confirm that is valid feng shui remedy?
this question addressed to feng shui experts. If you are one, please reply.

this is called changing the period in fengshui. we are now in period #8 which from 2004 to 2023, i think, a period is about 20 years.

in theory, it is difficult to change the period of a house. but many fengshui masters believe that it is possible to achieve by doing the following:
- changing the roof (repainting the whole roof or totally changing it) – i think your skylight goes in this category… am not so sure if it is enough
- changing the tilt of the front main door
- having a major renovation (at least 70%) of the house

this is not a remedy. because i myself and most fengshui practitioners do not believe in remedies, which are for people who do not know anything about fengshui, and just want a quick fix. i am for changes, which can change or shift the energy inside the house.

this is a total change. all i can say i think is go for it. i have recently changed the period of my house where i live. i have tilted the door, and did some major renovations to the house. and so far, am doing good.

after you have changed the period of your house, you need to ask your fengshui person how to activate water 8 (for wealth) and mountain 8 (for health). it is important to activate both water and mountain to make the energy in your house current and not expired (dead), and to prevent the bad energy from activating.

vaastu and feng shui in hotels?

Friday, February 1st, 2013

can any one list down the names of the hotels in india and mainly in northern india, which are built on principles of vaastu shastra or feng shui or even practising it.

In order to find the answers for you, I first educated myself about
Vastushastra (aka "Vaastu Shastra") — something I’d never heard of!

For anyone else reading this answer who is unaware of this fascinating
science, I recommend this site about Vastushastra for good general
background and understanding:

"Vaastu Shastra: The traditional Indian architecture and design
system, which specifies the detailed methodology of designing
buildings, buying land etc. in order to maximize benefits from the
same for the occupier. This system relies in harmonizing any real
estate development with the five elements of Indian Mythology namely
air, water, earth, fire and space.


It turned out it was easiest for me to locate these restaurants by
searching for architects and designers who use the science of
Vastushastra. That strategy, in turn, led me to specific restaurants
these firms built or re-designed in accordance with Vastushastra.
(Oddly, it is nearly impossible to find such establishments by using
such obvious search strings as "Vastushastra restaurants.")

I also had luck by searching for "Vaastu hotels." I’m assuming that in
the East, as in the West, you can dine at a hotel restaurant, even if
you’re not actually staying at that hotel.

Here are the Vaastu restaurants I found for you:

The Great Punjab Restaurant in Mumbai. Here’s an enthusiastic review
of the restaurant, reprinted from the Afternoon Despatch & Courier:

The restaurant is located at "186, Dr. Ambedkar Road, opposite the
Dadar fire brigade and the gurdwara."

Creators Architecture:

advises restaurant owners who want to build and create Vaastu eateries.

At this page see five restaurants that Creators Architecture built in
accordance with the science of Vastushastra:

The five restaurants are:

Gola Northend in Gujaranwala Town (I could not find the precise street address).

Otik in Rajouri Garden (33, J-Block, Community Centre, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi – 110 027).

4 in 1 Wazirpur Ind. Area (34, Comm. Centre, Kailash Bhawan, Wazirpur
Indl. Area, Delhi-52,

361 Restaurant & Banquet in Pitampura (I found the telephone numbers
for it: 7189958 and 7181395).

Creation Architects of New Delhi is a Vaastu design firm:

Two restaurants they designed are:

"The Dining Block at Velodrome, I.G. Stadium, New Delhi.

Shopping Complex & Banquet Hall at ShriGanga Naga, Rajasthan.
About 120 Shops, Two Large Banquet Halls & Restaurants."

This firm also lists four hotels designed in accordance with Vaastu,
three of which (I managed to confirm) have restaurants:

Hotel Taktsang, Thimpu, Bhutan:

Hotel Neelam, Jaipur
A-3, Motilal Atal Road, Jaipur 302 001
Tel: +(91) (141)2377274/2377281/2377282
Fax: +(91) (141) 2370609

Motel Polaris, Roorkee

has a cocktail lounge and a restaurant.

The firm Vaastu International designed the Multiplex At Jaipur and the
SAB Mall at NOIDA:

Both complexes include restaurants:

M/s Pavilion Restaurant at Cannaught Place in New Delhi is listed as a
client of the consultants from the Institute of Vaastu Design:

As to your second question, are restaurateurs and hoteliers
"benefiting" from incorporating Vastushastra? Yes, they absolutely
are; however, Vastushastra is really just beginning a renaissance; it
isn’t all that widespread — yet.

You may find these three articles of interest:

The ancient science of Vaastu and Feng Shui have come to hotels in the
West. See this July 18, 2002, Reuters report, "Away on Business:
Staying in the comfort zone," by Gunna Dickson, reprinted in Folio

and these practices are receiving rave reviews from guests from around the world.

The Reuters article also reveals that the Hyatt Hotel chain uses
Vaastu in many of its India hotels, including the Hyatt Regency in
Mumbai. Check out the Mumbai Regency’s Web site at:

and you’ll see they have three restaurants.

As to the impact, and growth, of Vaatsu in India’s hospitality
industry: India’s Hotelier & Caterer Business Weekly featured this
cover story in its December 2, 2002 issue, "Vaastu Hotels &

From that article:
" . . . the concept of Vaastu is certainly gaining prominence. . . .
But when compared to its presence, awareness and practice in the
hospitality industry, research has revealed that the Indian
hospitality segment is yet to explore the concept to the maximum."

"Vaastu consultant, Devaansh Vaastu Consultancy, Mumbai, explained
that, ‘Vaastu as a concept had held a unique position especially in
the Indian culture. But it is only in recent times, that the concept
has received its deserved recognition and acceptance. There are a
number of potential segments and areas which can actually reap rich
benefits and gains out of this age old theory. There are times when we
come across people who have prospered and progressed once they have
shifted to a new place’

" . . .Disclosed Ravipal Singh Gandhi, partner, Great Punjab
Restaurant, Mumbai, ‘Vaastu as a concept is definitely worth a try.’ .
. . . Revealing his experience with Vaastu further, Gandhi narrated,
‘One day a man walked into our restaurant. Making certain
observations, he casually remarked that the tables placed on the South
side of the restaurant gets occupied faster as compared to the North.
Hearing that, we realised his observations were a fact. Probing
further he revealed that, as per the science of Vaastu, if the South
positioning is higher than the north, it has a positive influence on
the business in general, which was the case in our restaurant.

" ‘ After an interaction and experience with us, there have been few
restaurants which are accepting the concept of Vaastu. Apart from
restaurateurs and few hoteliers in Mumbai, the concept has also found
a place in the southern market especially Bangalore and Hyderabad, but
it still has to make its presence felt in the Northern belt of India.’

This reinforces what my research has revealed: there are very few
Vaastu restaurants in India; though this science is ancient, its
newest incarnation is still in its embryonic stage.

Here’s proof that Vaastu principles are enjoying a rebirth. According
to the September 23, 2003, edition of the Hindu Times’s article,
"High-End Look," the upcoming Aggarwal Citi Mall in Pitampura (due to
be completed in 2006) "will be built totally on vaastu principles.",00310005.htm

Search Strings Used:

"what is Vastushastra"
"Vastushastra AND restaurants"
"Vaastu Shastra AND eating"
"restaurants Vastushastra"
"restaurants Delhi Vastushastra"
"finding Vastushastra restaurants Delhi Mumbai"
"Vaastu Shastra restaurants"
"Vastu AND restaurants AND India"
"Vaastu architects restaurants examples"
"Vaastu Shastra" AND architects AND restaurants
"Vastushastra AND architects AND restaurants"
"Vaastu design restaurants"
"India Restaurant Directory"
"Vaastu hotels"
"Hyatt Hotels India Vaastu Shastra"
"India AND hotels AND Vastushastra"
"Vaastu Shastra hotels"
"Bangalore AND Vastushastra AND restaurant"
"Hyderabad AND Vastushastra AND restaurant"
"Aggarwal Citi Mall"

I also used the India Commercial Real Estate directory:

and the category "Vaastu Consultants."

I hope my research is of help to you. Please post a "Request For
Clarification" if you need help navigating any of the above links, or
if you need me to clarify any of the information I’ve given you.

All information above was taken from this site:

I hope I have been able to somewhat answer your question. Have a fantastic day! :)