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Feng Shui and the Entrance: Using Feng Shui to Enhance the Entrance

Monday, April 1st, 2013

house feng shui Feng Shui and the entrance ( are extremely important when attracting more chi or energy to make sure your environment is well nourished, very comfortable, and permits it’s inhabitants to succeed. The entrance or front door is called “the Mouth of Chi” and remains the main source of chi, even if a person enters through a different entrance much more often. If the architect’s blueprint made this entry the main one, it remains just that. Many items go into creating an entrance that attracts beneficial chi. Some of the items are: the door’s hardware, kick plate, door knocker, exterior paint job, the side lanterns, and the ease of how it opens and closes. ALL items should be considered and kept up with. The welcome mat alone can attract or repel.
Many factors go into the attraction of energy or chi to a house, office, or business. The need for a consistent and ongoing flow of positive moving chi should not be understated. Without attracting and controlling chi to your front entrance using Feng Shui techniques, you will have a space that is less comfortable, less secure feeling on the sub-conscious level, and less capable of allowing individuals to stay healthy and be successful.
The entrance is one of 8-Steps that I consider pivotal for a home to be greatly enhanced for a quick sale. Anyone of these steps can and will stop a buyer from strongly considering making an offer.
The graduates of my 2-day training/designation workshop achieve the title of Feng Shui Staging Professional (FSSP). Much time is spent on this one area of any house or business. The 8-Steps for Selling are stressed greatly during these 2 days.

The 8-Steps are:
1) Curb Appeal
2) The Walk from the Car
3) The Front Entrance
4) The Foyer
5) The Room of 1st Impression
6) The Flow Through the Environment
7) The Kitchen
8) The Master Bedroom
All houses can be sold within the first 4 to 5 weeks (“The Window”), if they are prepared correctly.

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Feng Shui Garden for HGTV (The Results)

Monday, April 1st, 2013

garden feng shui The Feng Shui Garden is complete and client is pleased with the results.

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feng shui products online shopping ( red envelopes)

Monday, April 1st, 2013

feng shui gift Crystal Sri Yantra Mandala For Enhanced Positive Energy and Good Luck

Feng Shui Good Luck Red Envelopes

There are many uses for these good luck red envelopes in feng shui.

No matter which feng shui school of thought you practice, you can always use these red envelopes as an abundance feng shui cure (filled with crystals, coins, etc.) or as a hidden energy activator for any area of the Bagua that needs a little extra help.

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