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My Chinese friend practices Feng Shui carrys around a flower everywhere what is she trying to accomplish?

Monday, June 17th, 2013

My female Chinese friend pracices Fremg Shui and she alwsy csrries around a flower. What is Feng Shui and what is she trying to accomplish by carrying around a flower. Bring life into the situation?
I obviously don’t know or practice Feng Shui but she assumes I know all about it snd I am too embassed to ask her all about it.
I want to respect her religion. What can you tell me about Feng Shui and the flower she carries?

Thank you.
Thank you both for your outstanding, clear answers to my question considering the situstion.

It is very interesting that in your discription of persons who practice Feng Shuidhr fits the bill in emergy and happiness, etc.
I know it has to be true after thinking through this because in my situation also. I don’t practice Feng Shui and have BAD Feng Shui. At first I thought it could be superstition but it makes sense. Bad influences, company etc ( which i am around a lot) , can really bring you down. I remember that when I was in good company and suroundings my life improved drastically.
Some times though you may not be aware of the BAD influences and factors around you ( like a corrupt police dept) so you need something like Feng Shui to direct you. Thank you both for your wonderful answers. I am now a believer and will practuce it.
I have always heard that Chinese people are smart. They are very intelligent.

You failed to provide sufficient data about the flower (eg color, type ) so it is hard to answer it. I suspect (not sure in this particular scenario) that she may be at the same time indicating to others that she is available for romance ( this is also known as activating the flower of romance in a different way that others normally would do ).

Back to the main topic, Feng Shui is science and art of improving the Qi ( treat it as energy ) of the area you live or work at so that it is more conductive for doing your normal day to day activities as well as your business activities. A home that has been correctly Feng Shui improved will make the residence stay healthier, live longer, have less illness, be more able to focus on academic studies, feel energetic, feel more like doing things that one otherwise would not feel like doing, have longer endurance and possibly make more money with the improvements of the mentioned things. One would also feel less frequently irritated ( not counting those things that people purposely do to make you irritated ) as a result of Feng Shui improvements. There are many different schools of Feng Shui. Most would try to optimize the flow of Qi and tap the Qi of nature ( with their understanding ) and apply them to the home/business environment if they could be applied. Homes with improved Feng Shui have better probabilities of striking 4D or Pick-6 lotteries but this is not guaranteed. People who live in houses with good Feng Shui (and know where are the better areas) live longer than people who live in houses with bad Feng Shui. People who live in houses with good Feng Shui also normally perform better in life than those who live in houses or rooms with bad Feng Shui.

Of course the success equation is more than Feng Shui. Chinese believe that it is also related to your Life Destiny and the human factors.

Although there are claims that Feng Shui is no longer believed by Chinese in mainland, this fact is not true as the businessmen continue to seek Feng Shui practitioners. Even when building the Olympic Village, famous Feng Shui Masters from other Chinese regions were invited back to Feng Shui audit. As for it losing popularity in China, I suspect this as something to do with the ordinary folks not being able to do anything to their home due to strict housing regulations or are too poor to implement the needed solutions.

Just to share some additional related knowledge, there are vicious cycles in your Destiny Life which you are more vulnerable to death especially as you get older. If you live in a bad Feng Shui house/rrom, you are more likely to die during those periods of time. However if you live in a good Feng Shui house/room, you could have your lifespan extended until the next vicious Destiny cycle which may only happen 10-12 years later. It is worth every penny spent engaging a practitioner especially if you find yourself or your family members falling sick very often.

i have a feng shui book and it tells me not to plant?

Monday, June 17th, 2013

seeds past this certain period of time? why is that?

The feng shui sounds a lot like moon gardening to me. There are days to plant, days to move things, days to water, days to prune etc. etc. etc.

You can follow it if you wish but basically, if you have nice Spring weather then now is the time to plant seeds. Even in summer you can still be sowing them.

In sunshine you can pretty much get anything off to a good start.

How to take a Feng Shui Compass Reading* from Your Front Door (Video)

Friday, June 14th, 2013 Flying Star feng shui is calculated based on the compass reading of your front door. Feng Shui & Dowsing Expert Chriss Barr shows you the right way to take an accurate compass reading in just a few simple steps.
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MEDITATION MUSIC Feng Shui- Kokin Gumi – Zen Garden

Friday, June 14th, 2013

ImportantThingsTV MUSIC Feng Shui- Kokin Gumi – Zen Garden

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Friday, June 14th, 2013 Crystal Sri Yantra Mandala For Enhanced Positive Energy and Good Luck

What is Feng Shui and how can you use its basic principles to improve your everyday life? The overall goal is to create balance and harmony within your surroundings. The most important aspect of Feng Shui is chi (pronounced chee). Although we can’t physically see the chi, it is ever present in every space. It is the energy, or invisible breathe of life, that runs through all spaces. In order to create a harmonious tranquil room, we must encourage a balanced flow of energy, chi.
Basic Feng Shui principles can be applied to any home. Among such universal Feng Shui cures are light, plants, and representations of Feng Shui elements.The major ones include:Add light and air into the rooms. Take away those heavy dark curtains and replace them with something of light and fresh colors. The room will, naturally, become lighter, helping its owner to remain in good health and mood.Use the positive qualities of plants. They do not only filter ambient air but also are aesthetically pleasing. Bagua map as used by New Age Compass and Black Hat schools of Feng Shui. Bagua map is one of the basic Feng Shui tools, which helps to determine where specific areas of the house are located. With the help of the Bagua map one can find out where an area responsible for a certain life aspect is located within a house or a room. However, different Feng Shui schools have different approaches towards using it on practice.
Bedroom Feng Shui 2. Bedroom Feng Shui principles In addition to the principle of a small bedroom, there are some common Feng Shui principles that help improve your health, love and happiness: 1. Bedrooms should be square shaped.2. It is better not have bathroom in your bedroom; if your bedroom has a bathroom inside, use a screen to block the door of bathroom or keep bathroom door closed.3. Don’t place the bed in center of bedroom.

Office Feng Shui: The aim of office feng shui is to create a work environment that supports the core aspects of your business. Good feng shui form will allow for the desk to be positioned in the “power” or “commanding location” of the office space. The commanding location is furthest from the door, in full view of the door and overlooking the expanse of the office.
There should be a solid wall behind the desk chair to complete the commanding placement of the desk. The solid wall symbolizes the supportive and protective “mountain” shape in classic feng shui. This basic feng shui placement of office furniture sets the stage for productivity and concentration; for most people, it is difficult to be fully present and focused with their back exposed to the door. The commanding location invites connection and relationships while it also denotes authority and managerial over sight. By facing the door (in full view of the office) you are not only receptive to people but also abundance and financial rewards.

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