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Home Office Feng Shui Tips : Defining the Bagua of a Room

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

house feng shui The bagua is the Feng Shui map of any house or room from the door to the back of the room or structure. Learn how to read a bagua correctly and assign meanings to each room area.

Expert: Katie Grant
Bio: Katie Grant teaches a workshop for actors and other creative people. Her style of Feng Shui is called the BTB, from the Tibet Buddist School. She is the owner of Grant Redesign group in Los Angeles.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:2:36


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How to Use Feng Shui Tips for Better Love Life

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

The concept of feng shui lies in creating a positive environment in your home so that chi can move freely through the home. If the path of chi is blocked, then energy in the home becomes stagnant and this is when you start feeling blocked in life where your interest in your love life may tend to reduce.

So it is by learning to balance and make corrections in chi in your bedroom that you will be able to bring some love and romance into your life. And this is done by first cleaning up the bedroom. Once you have a cluttered and untidy bedroom, the chi or energy here becomes low or slow. After cleaning your room, just clap your hands loudly to get rid of any stale and old energy there may be in the room. Some of you may have a habit of working out in the bedroom; however according to feng shui, this is a no no. This is because once you work out in your bedroom, or have any sports equipment in the bedroom, you tend to bring the chi associated with hard work and exertion in the otherwise soft and romantic bedroom. And with this, you only work at turning your relationship into something similar to a tough workout, and not something enjoyable and romantic. So go ahead and move all your sports and workout equipment to some other place so that your relationship gets to move along smoothly. It is but natural for a person to expect to have an improved love life; and with feng shui, this is very much possible. Besides clearing clutter and avoiding exercise and working in the bedroom, you have to work at getting rid of anything that reminds you of a past, failed relationship. This means that you have to get rid of any old photographs, memoirs like sweaters, gifts and cards that you had exchanged with the person who is no more a part of your life. Most important, get rid of love letters from people you no longer have a relationship with.

It is essential that the front door of your house and your bedroom door open without any sticking or squeaking, and that they don’t open partly. This is because any thing that is stored behind them tends to block the romantic flow of energy to your bedroom. Even loose doorknobs indicate you’re finding it difficult to handle your romance, so tighten it. It is better to place your bed so that there is equal space on either side to ensure that you and your partner enjoy equal enjoyment in the relationship. Having a side of the bed against the wall makes the person sleeping on that side confined in the relationship. The best place for the bed is on the opposite side of the room from the door. If it is not possible to see the bedroom door form the bed, you could try hanging a mirror for a reflected view of its entry to the room. Try this and you will soon see an improvement in your love life.

Feng shui is very effective in improving the quality of your love life. Besides the few feng shui suggestions mentioned before, you could consider creating a collage of images related to your perfect relationship. Then place this collage in an area which you will see everyday, as feng shui says that this way, you will be reminded of your wonderful relationship everyday. It would be better to do and complete the collage with the help of your partner. A good place to place the collage, and any other form of romantic artwork is the wall opposite the base of your bed and the part of the room that you see first when you enter it. This improves the romance chi in the bedroom and leads to a much more fruitful relationship. You could place fresh or silk flowers, romantic things like birds, decorative pillows and candles in pairs or a round mirror in the bedroom to improve the effects of romantic chi in the bedroom.

And if your partner is to live with you, make sure that there is sufficient room in the bedroom not only for storing their belongings, but also for both of you to make and feel love. Practice these feng shui tips to see an increase in the feeling of romance in your relationship.


Feng Shui Basics : Feng Shui Tips in Renovating & Building Houses

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

house feng shui Many people use feng shui to renovate or build a house. Consult a feng shui specialist when renovating a house with tips from a certified feng shui consultant in this free video on feng shui and home decoration.

Expert: Miriam Tsao
Bio: Miriam Tsao is a certified Feng Shui consultant and a professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild, New York Chapter. Tsao is also co-director of the Feng Shui Forum in New York City.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Duration : 0:1:7


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Home Feng Shui Astrology : Feng Shui Compass Benefits

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

house feng shui Using a square feng shui compass, learn about the benefits of finding a house’s favorable direction and alignment in this free video from a leading feng shui practitioner.

Expert: Natalia Kaylin
Bio: Natalia Kaylin is a leading feng shui practitioner in New England. She has presented at workshops, given lectures at universities, and published several articles.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Duration : 0:1:38


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University Hill Archiscale’s FENG SHUI HOUSE

Monday, July 16th, 2012

house feng shui
University Hill development, single storey split level Archiscale’s FENG SHUI HOUSE

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How Feng Shui Flying Star Can Help You Improve Your Wealth and Health

Monday, July 16th, 2012

This aspect of feng shui is not typical within the arsenal of a geomancer expert or a feng shui master. The feng shui flying star revolves around mystery and is the child of mythology, superstition and historical fact. Said to be gifted from Mother Nature herself and originally written on the back of a giant Chinese turtle, the flying star sports the ‘Lo Shu’ diagram, or the nine numbers diagram that changes and rotates in response to many variables of time.

This article will give you an insight on how the feng shui flying star can help you improve your wealth and health.

The flying star model has nine numbers and each of the diagrams has a colour that is representing it. Some of them even come with elemental symbols but that feature is pretty rare in feng shui circles.

From white to purple, one to nine, this colourful ancient diagram is not just a spectrum’s afterthought; it is also a key and a compass to enhancing energies in any space to improve wealth and health. Its power and potential is great and if used properly, could be the tool to transform lives.

How this works is that the flying star and the eight sided map (ba gua) that geomancers use work together. By combining the two messages that these items will speak to you to, you can harmonise a place and the elements in it.

Make sure both are pointed in the right direction and the flying star will highlight the spaces in your house according to the colour of the diagrams in relation to the ba gua map. Looking at this blueprint for continued luck, all you have to do is match the flying star with different elements in relation to the colour the number it represents.

For example, if the flying star on 3 (normally symbolised by the colour green) points to the south west corner of your house, then all you have to do is place an element of a plant, or anything that sports the corresponding colour, shape or material. Feng shui flying stars can be symbolised by different objects with different properties as well. If you are unsure, contact your local geomancer and they should be able to help.

Some typical items are fishbowls, portraits, wind chimes, sources of water or even zodiacal flying star symbols. It may seem complicated at first, but as you learn more about the significance of the flying star, and how you can use objects to empower your space to absorb and retain more good energy, as well as balance the masculine and feminine energies (yin & yang) – you will experience more harmony as well as health and wealth.

You must also know that flying stars change with time, so it is all about mathematics and knowing the seasons of change. This is important to ensure your energies are in harmony and you won’t one day walk into a cyclone of turbulent ‘Chi’ dragging you and your life down into an unending spiral of bad luck.

Once you get the hang of it, the feng shui flying star is unparalleled in bringing about good luck, health and wealth and with it you will see your life rocket into success, break the stratosphere and become a bright shooting star.

Lynn Lee

Feng Shui Houses with Good Money & People Luck

Friday, July 13th, 2012

house feng shui Learn Four types of homes in Feng Shui, according to Money Luck and People Luck. The best type of house is the one good for money and good for people. How can we identify these lucky houses? How can we avoid those not-so-lucky houses? This is HD720 version.

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Feng Shui 101: How to Decorate Your Kitchen

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

house feng shui Feng shui principles talk about the best ways to optimize harmony and abundance in a household, and we go through some basic tenants of this eastern practice to help you arrange the best kitchen possible – from the right floor covering to auspicious wall colors. Visit for expert videos, tips, resources, and advice on home decorating. And read Sarah Shurety’s great book “Feng Shui for Your Home” for great in-depth help with setting up your home and rooms. Music: “Birth” by Kyle Patrick Johnson.

Duration : 0:2:40


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How To Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

If you are searching for tips on how to properly bring feng shui in the bathroom in your home you may become exhausted before you find what you are looking for. The reason for this is in large part due to the fact that it is hundreds of years old and when these basic principles were born, there were no such things as bathrooms indoors and especially in your house.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to bring it in the bathroom because it certainly is if you follow the basic ba gua map that is the foundation of adding feng shui to any space. There are some tips that have been created by modern day masters that can help you balance out the energy in your home.

Common Bathroom Fixes

There are many issues that cause problems when trying to incorporate feng shui in the bathroom and these are generally due to the location of the bathroom. A bathroom that is located above the front door for example, will generate negative energy and compromise the fire energy, which can be devastating to health and prosperity.

While a bathroom that is located next to the front door can have the effects of draining the entire house of positive energy before it has even had the chance. These are common problems are often have common solutions so let’s look at a few of the things incorporating feng shui in the bathroom fixes.

So you have a bathroom that is located above your kitchen or front door and this is proven to be a very negative force in the energy for the house. In order to correct this and properly bring feng shui in the bathroom chances are you are not going to renovate your house because of this issue.

The good thing is that you don’t even have to tear out walls because in order to rectify this situation and bring feng shui in the bathroom, all you have to do is place a round mirror on the ceiling above the toilet. This will reverse the downward flow of water. It is also suggested to hang a crystal in the center of the room and place earthy objects such as plants to stabilize energies within the bathroom.

Incorporating this in the bathroom when your bathroom is located near the entrance of your home can be reversed by hanging a large full length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. The purpose of this is to deflect away the positive energies from the bathroom so they won’t be drained with the downward pull of the water from the bathroom. It is also helpful to keep the toilet lid closed as well as the drains when they are not in use.

Dane Stanton

Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Photographing the Interior of Your Home for Feng Shui

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

house feng shui Learn how to take photos for your home with tips and techniques for feng shui home decorating for relationships in this free DIY video .

Expert: Cecilia Trinh
Contact: www.LiveInHarmony.Biz
Bio: Nili Nathan, host of “Great Healing Getaways” interviews and hires Cecilia Trinh, a certified Feng Shui practitioner for Home & Office.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:1:32


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