Birth Ideas & Children With Feng Shui

To boost your creative juices, become parents for the first time or again, and increase Metal energy, a look at the Creativity & Children part of your home is in order.

When the feng shui tic-tac-toe board is applied to your floor plan, it is the middle square on the right as you stand at your architectural front door or the entrance to a room, facing in.

This area of the feng shui grid or bagua represents both Creativity and Children because big ideas and babies have similar gestation periods.

Creativity. Perhaps you’d like to be more innovative in the marketing of your business, more resourceful in parenting your teenagers, or graceful in the designing of your home. Or maybe your life has been consumed with your work or your family and you have postponed artistic pursuits you used to love. Any symbol chosen because it represents creativity to you will stimulate the creativity you desire.

Children. If you would like one or more children, you will want to make sure this part of the grid is child-friendly and child-safe. That means a sculpture with pointed parts and rough edges is not recommended.

One client had a stuffed bunny which looked pregnant. Placed in the Children area of the Master Bedroom, it was a feng shui affirmation of her desire for another child. This along with several other adjustments we made brought the gift of a baby the following Christmas.

Metal energy.
Organized, honorable, logical, disciplined, analytical, gracious, elegant, and refined are some of a Metal person’s sterling qualities. They attend to precise tasks with meticulous care while they continue to be aware of their long term goals.

Clutter drives a Metal person crazy. People who are low in Metal energy tend to collect lots of stuff and often excessively so in this area of the grid. Clearing out this area, particularly, grows Metal energy and reaps Metal rewards.

Kathleen Tumpane

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