Clear Clutter with Lifestyle Feng Shui part 1

Join Laurie Bornstein, founder of Lifestyle Feng Shui as she simplifies and demystifies Feng Shui. Clutter impacts more than the spaces in which you live, clutter impacts the quality of your life. Learn how to identify it and begin to clear it in three easy steps. You can visit Laurie online at and

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4 Responses to “Clear Clutter with Lifestyle Feng Shui part 1”

  1. Laurie Bornstein says:



  2. 8auspiciousdragons says:

    Thanks! :) yes, it …
    Thanks! :) yes, it is hard to decide which ones to get rid of haha..but so far so good.. i donated some things to charity and feels better now.:))) thanks for the advice! Bless.;)))

  3. Laurie Bornstein says:

    Gifts can be tricky …
    Gifts can be tricky. It’s fantastic that you have enjoyed and loved them all…I suspect as you’ve mentioned, it’s time to release some. Making space for what you desire is important and gifts can quickly take over our homes. I recommend regular review and editing! Enjoy!

  4. 8auspiciousdragons says:

    Thanks! :) my …
    Thanks! :) my problem is i clear stuff and then people always give me gifts which is great and i love them but now i have lots of Buddhas and all kinds of awesome gifts, i know i have to decide to move some and give to someone else is hard because the presents from my friends who live in Taiwan are so nice and i want to keep them all! but it is starting to feel too cluttered..i will have to move some out. anyways, Thanks again.! :)))

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