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Feng Shui Items and their significance :
Laughing Buddha is regarded as one of the most auspicious Gods of wealth. It brings prosperity and success. Luk Sau: These Deities represent the three most important Feng Shui Gods of health, wealth and happiness. Sau carries a bottle of nectar and represents longevity. represents wealth and enhanced income. Luk represents the power and class. A three legged Toad with a coin in his mouth is supposed to be a very auspicious animal. It is supposed to increase and protect your wealth and prosperity. Dragon Headed Tortoise With Baby: This legendary symbol combines the awesome powers and attributes of the dragon and the tortoise. These are two of the most spiritually endowed creatures of Chinese symbolism. Arowana Fish:
Fishes are considered to be representative of unlimited wealth in Feng Shui.
Coin With Bells: Two bells tied together with three Chinese coins is yet another very auspicious Feng Shui item used for bringing money luck and positive Chi
energy into your house. Dragon Ship: A Ship filled with Gold coins and ingots is very popular in China and is considered very lucky for enhancing Business luck. Triple Tortoise: Feng Shui Tortoise is found to bring good Chi to your house.
Yin-Yang Symbol: According to Chinese philosophy, the life force of the Universe is known as Chi . This flow is governed by descending yang chi from the Heavens and ascending yin chi from the earth. Bejeweled Metal Turtle: Turtle is one of the four celestial animals in Feng Shui. A turtle has very long life and therefore it represents longevity and good luck. Chinese Coins: In Feng Shui, hanging the coins on the door handles is an excellent way to bring the money luck into your home. Mandarin Ducks: In Feng Shui, Mandarin Duck is one of the symbols for Love and Romance. “Double Happiness” symbol is one of the most powerful symbol for marital happiness. This symbol is made in Red Colour as the red color represents love and romance. Pa kua Mirror: It consists of a round convex mirror mounted at the centre of an octagonal-
shaped Pa Kua used to ward off wrong vibrations entering a building mostly through the main door. A Ba kua is similar in all respects to the Pa Kua mirror, the only difference being that in the center there is no mirror but the mirror is replaced with a YIN-YANG symbol. Wish Granting Cow- As the name suggests the wish-granting cow is symbolic of a person’s wishes being fulfilled.In Feng Shui, the wish-fulfilling cow, often found sitting on a bed of coins or ingots,[best feng shui items]
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