Girl Mad Hatter Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

feng shui gift ♥ Check out my sister’s Halloween costume too!

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Hey guys, this is the first instalment of my Halloween Costume series that I have planned for this year. The costume is called Sexy Girl Mad Hatter by Leg Avenue. For reference, I’m a size XS but I got the costume in size S because I was afraid that the skirt would be too short on me. Unfortunately, now the skirt is too big, I pinned it at the back to prevent it from slipping off =/. If you’re around my size, I recommend the size XS.

♥ Sexy Adult Mad Hatter Costume by Leg Avenue:

♥ Brushes used in this video are from Sigma (Make Me Cool brush set)

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♥ Products use:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
Bhcosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette 4th edition
Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner
Revlon Eyelash Curler
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

BHcosmetics 120 palette 4th edition is available at

♥ Circle lenses / contacts:
Vassen Jewel Green lens from
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♥ My nail polish: OPI – Suzi Says Feng Shui

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*Costume was gifted by for tutorial purposes. I was not compensated to use it in this video. All my opinions are honest and are not influenced in any way.

Duration : 0:4:28

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25 Responses to “Girl Mad Hatter Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial”

  1. BananaPear100 says:

    I love it !!!! I …
    I love it !!!! I was the mad hatter for halloween last uear but it looked no where near as good as urs :)

  2. shan teys says:

    i was puss in boots
    i was puss in boots

  3. TheHelene0950 says:


  4. boombammy078 says:

    i have quite long …
    i have quite long lashes on my bottom lash line so whenever i put eyeshadow there it always gets onto my lashes :o

  5. Sammie Meadows says:

    I was a raccoon lol
    I was a raccoon lol

  6. TheYenyen73 says:

    i was a mad hatter …
    i was a mad hatter too!

  7. lolipoproxi says:

    i love your doggie …
    i love your doggie :)

  8. anneliseb7 says:

    You truly are good …
    You truly are good at the liner… well at everything… but wow that eyeliner… tee hee ;P

  9. random12235 says:

    That looks so …
    That looks so beautiful I LOVE ALL THE SHADE OF BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RSHOW4U says:

    i was alice in …
    i was alice in wonder land for halloween!!! :) just a better looking verson ;) i didnt have the right hair color though oh well :)

  11. rosebud427427 says:

    I was red riding …
    I was red riding hood once, i wore red eye shadows and it made me look a little more like evil red riding hood

  12. balance101oldshoes says:

    Pfffttttt my …
    Pfffttttt my costums WAY sexyer than that!! But I like the hat it’s cute

  13. omgsonora says:

    I’m gonna be the …
    I’m gonna be the mad hatter too. but my costume looks totally diffrent.

  14. DITTOhiphop says:

    I was gonna be a …
    I was gonna be a mad hatter too so werid but im being the sweet mad hatter instead of the rugalur madd hatter. Can you do a makeup turioral for the sweet mad hatter ps your coustume is the tea party mad hatter

  15. jjj1209 says:

    im goa be the mad …
    im goa be the mad hatter girl lol i had this planed

  16. HereComesNali says:

    I’m gonna be …
    I’m gonna be Tinkerbell!

  17. dgm514 says:

    That’s so cute!! …
    That’s so cute!! This year I’m gonna be Lady Gaga :)

  18. Artwoozworld says:

    I’m going to be the …
    I’m going to be the Cheshire Cat yaaaay(;

  19. MrCoolkid28 says:

    ‘what the’ LOL
    ‘what the’ LOL

  20. ApricotFieldsLove says:

    I wore literally …
    I wore literally that EXACT SAME costume for Halloween two years ago! O:

  21. xChocolateSophiax says:

    not to be rude or …
    not to be rude or anything but how much do u weigh and how tall are you? :O

  22. xHelloKittyxD1 says:

    i might be the …
    i might be the grudge

  23. GlitterySingerGirl17 says:

    Super cute! I’m …
    Super cute! I’m being Katherine from the Vampire diaries!

  24. TheFashiontoLive says:

    LOVE the tutorial! …
    LOVE the tutorial! The costume is super cute!

  25. monkeyluv789 says:

    Mad hatter for …
    Mad hatter for sure :D

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