Sealab 2021 – Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui bunch – Sexist and racist quote.

feng shui gift A clip from episode 10 of the Adult Swim cartoon “Sealab 2021″. Captain Murphy gets “credit” for his joke that is both sexist and racist. He has a “gift” apparently.

All copyrights and/or trademarks belong to Cartoon Network or whoever owns them. This is not my own work, but I did do the editing myself (as in I took the original episode and chopped a bit out). I just thought this was a funny quote and wanted to share.

Adult Swim has their own channel where you can probably catch this show and many others. Please go check them out at

And to any and all people who work for or with Adult Swim… please don’t sue me! Please?

Duration : 0:0:12

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