Feng Shui Cottage Entrance

garden feng shui Perfect cottage, perfect hostess! Go to www.janakolpen.com to see who lives in this enchanting country home. Add your house and garden video tours to www.design2share.com, the Where I Live video-sharing website. Subscribe to the Design2Share Q&A weekly podcasts for help with your design questions.

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18 Responses to “Feng Shui Cottage Entrance”

  1. BackyardDiscoveryCo says:

    I really like all …
    I really like all of the overgrowth throughout the yard.

  2. TheJamieleegood says:

    I love  this video …
    I love  this video and all your tree peony videos,I have 10 tree peonies myself and hope to get more in the future hehe they are so addicting.

  3. westend104 says:

    @reidb18 Yes! It’s …
    @reidb18 Yes! It’s so beautiful, right?!

  4. westend104 says:

    @333gv Thanks so …
    @333gv Thanks so much! This is an amazing home with wonderful friends and creative spirits living there. It really shows by the beauty and magic they’ve gathered all around them. Hope you’re having a great summer, and thanks so much for watching!

  5. 333gv says:

    Beautiful home. I …
    Beautiful home. I saw your own cottage video also, and it is equally lovely!

  6. TruthSmack says:

    Do you …

    Do you think it would be unhealthy to live in a metal box? I am thinking of constructing a cabin out of a shipping container that could be shipped around the world. However I am concerned about fung shui and resonating with the earths energies. Any advice?

  7. cat11can says:

    Great tips, Thank …
    Great tips, Thank you for your help in Feng Shui. I put together a video on feng shui u might enjoy. Come see it for yourself, Leave a comment.

  8. reidb18 says:

    Is this Pistoulet?
    Is this Pistoulet?

  9. reidb18 says:

    Is this Jana …
    Is this Jana Kolpen’s house!??

  10. westend104 says:

    Thanks for watching …
    Thanks for watching, Rick and Christina! Since you’re interested in eco-friendliness and sustainability, you might want to go to our Design2Share website; check out our Harmony2Share columns for ideas and suggestions.

  11. london1817 says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video………looks beautiful

  12. westend104 says:

    Dahlia, many thanks …
    Dahlia, many thanks for watching! The front yard turns bright red in mid summer with bee balm, which only adds to the yard’s beauty.

  13. westend104 says:

    LOL. Thanks for …
    LOL. Thanks for watching, Brent! I see you go to college in PA; and this cottage and garden is in PA, too. (PA rocks.)

  14. BelmondoB says:

    too bad those wernt …
    too bad those wernt all weed plants ha ha

  15. westend104 says:

    Hey, Chrispy! Rent …
    Hey, Chrispy! Rent episodes of “little britain.” You will laugh your head off! Bees don’t actually sting bananas, but if you eat a banana and go near bees, the banana scent in your body makes them GO FOR YOU!! (I once got stung by a bee that crawled up my leg. Painful!! Bees only walk UPWARDS, so they can’t crawl down your pants leg if they get caught inside. Bee trivia rocks!) :>)

  16. chrispycrunchy86 says:

    I’ve never heard of …
    I’ve never heard of that show… 8P and I’ve never ever heard of BEES stinging bananas… I would love to see that! I love watching nature… (thankfuly I’ve never been stung)


  17. westend104 says:

    Do you watch ” …
    Do you watch “little britain”? Andy in the wheelchair always says, “I want that un.” Cracks me up!!! We were blown away by this cottage and how cool it was. I was walking around with a BEEKEEPER from Massachusetts, and I took vids of her describing bees. They came out way too long for YouTube, but I’ll shorten and post soon. (Amazing stuff: Bees go wild over the smell of bananas because they smell like a place that’s just been stung; so it signals them to sting the banana spot even more!).

  18. chrispycrunchy86 says:

    THATs beautiful! I …
    THATs beautiful! I want it!!! ^____^

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