How To Create A Feng Shui Living Room

garden feng shui Watch How To Create A Feng Shui Living Room from the how to specialists. This informative video will give you useful instructions to make sure you get good at feng shui.

Duration : 0:3:15

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6 Responses to “How To Create A Feng Shui Living Room”

  1. Stayawayke says:

    what I am is …
    what I am is clearly obviously irrelevant, common sense is timeless

  2. Gavoora123 says:

    Something is …
    Something is clearly wrong with you and it’s obviously a perversion.

  3. Gavoora123 says:

    Modern building …
    Modern building technology originated in the west and it developed without Feng Shui. East was mainly under-developed where Feng Shui was practiced. The people in the east gradually imitated the west’s technology and style like everything else and they also became ‘modern’. Now they are exporting Feng Shui – which couldn’t even help them – to the west and the fools in the west swallow them without water.

    Let every one that has brain at least the size of a peanut think.

    I am from the east.

  4. Stayawayke says:

    hell is …
    is disorganization and stress. All of those things you mention lift the of the life you’re living currently

  5. MrEvolucion2012 says:

    Sodoma y Gomorra …
    Sodoma y Gomorra 2012 D.C
    No ofendamos más a Dios nuestro creador.
    Dile no a la magia, yoga, feng-shui, horoscopo, astrología, idolatría, imágenes, piedras, monedas chinas, rana del dinero, rituales de año nuevo, para el amor, Halloween, velas, creer que usar colores te da poder.
    Esto no te da suerte, la única forma de estar protegido es cumplir con los mandamientos de dios al pie de la letra.
    Usando estas prácticas atrae a los demonios a tu casa y lo peor te manda al infierno.

  6. MrEvolucion2012 says:

    Sodoma and Gomorra …
    Sodoma and Gomorra 2012 D.C
    Do not offend anymore God your creator.
    Say no to: magic, yoga, feng shui, horoscope, astrology, images, candles, stones, Chinese coins, Halloween, Chinese money frog, new year rituals, love rituals, believe that use colours give you power.
    All these don’t give you good luck in your live; the only form that you will have protection is doing strictly The Ten Commandments of God.
    Using these practices will attract demons to your life and worse will send you to hell.

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