How To Feng Shui Love

garden feng shui A video tutorial on How To Feng Shui Love that will improve your feng shui skills. Learn how to get good at feng shui from Videojug’s hand-picked industry leaders.

Duration : 0:4:50

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2 Responses to “How To Feng Shui Love”

  1. Gavoora123 says:

    Modern building …
    Modern building technology originated in the west and it developed without Feng Shui. East was mainly under-developed where Feng Shui was practiced. The people in the east gradually imitated the west’s technology and style like everything else and they also became ‘modern’. Now they are exporting Feng Shui – which couldn’t even help them – to the west and the fools in the west swallow them without water.

    Let every one that has brain at least the size of a peanut think.

    I am from the east.

  2. RadioRevistaCabala says:

    Un Saludo Cordial y …
    Un Saludo Cordial y de Mucha Luz.

    Me parece Excelente su Video.

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