Feng Shui 101: How to Find the 9 Areas in a Room or House

house feng shui Feng shui principles help you use the compass directions to orient your house and the rooms of your home to find out how chi or energy flows through your living space. In this video, we go through some basic tenants of this eastern practice to show you how your house and each room in it can be oriented to a grid of 9 Life Areas. Visit Design2Share.com for expert videos, tips, resources, and advice on home decorating. And read Sarah Shurety’s great book “Feng Shui for Your Home” for great in-depth help with setting up your home and rooms. Music: “Birth” by Kyle Patrick Johnson.

Duration : 0:7:56

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2 Responses to “Feng Shui 101: How to Find the 9 Areas in a Room or House”

  1. rsilberman3 says:

    Did you go by the …
    Did you go by the square of the bagua. I see a lot of videos that start with the square?

  2. rsilberman3 says:

    Love your home but …
    Love your home but the video is making me dizzy.

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