*Feng Shui Tips* For Your Home or Business Entrance

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Feng Shui Tips | Ken Lauher
Feng Shui Tips for your Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Business and Office by Feng Shui Consultant To The Stars – Ken Lauher.


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Feng Shui Tips for your home or office
Feng Shui tips for your home, business or office, advice on how to enhance your life with the help of feng shui.


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Feng Shui Consultant Ken Lauher shares Feng Shui tips for your entrance.

He advises individuals, businesses and organizations on how to implement practical
Feng Shui solutions to help you achieve your goals & live a more fulfilling life.

His inspiring and transformational work with well known actors, actresses, TV Hosts, singers, songwriters, CEO’s, businesses, and corporations has made him a sought-after speaker on feng shui and life enhancement.

Based in New York City, Ken works with local, national and international clients.

Connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ken-Lauher/163719653719

Connect on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kenlauher


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10 Responses to “*Feng Shui Tips* For Your Home or Business Entrance”

  1. ZenCartEasyHelp says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

  2. feng1shui1tips says:

    This is good …
    This is good advice, but most of it is not Feng Shui, but psychology.

  3. larysant says:


  4. gigi8384 says:

    You may hang a …
    You may hang a light or chandelier in the stair well.

  5. cathyginter says:

    Thanks Ken ~ very …
    Thanks Ken ~ very helpful

  6. havfruen72 says:

    You can also put …
    You can also put decorations on the wall to ‘pull’ chi up the stairs. You know those flying birds – 3 different sizes of birds taking flight?
    I saw a recommendation for putting them on the wall going up the stairs, starting with the smallest and then the biggest bird highest. Supposed to symbolize that your good luck grows as it moves up the stairs.
    Don’t know if it works, but you can try.

  7. iTzSHAKiKi says:

    yeah, i meant like, …
    yeah, i meant like, there is no wall for a mirror.. except the walls on either side of the door which are for coats and other stuff, it wouldn’t work. thanks though i’ll see about the windchime =]

  8. havfruen72 says:

    A mirror goes on …
    A mirror goes on the wall, you don’t actually need any ‘space’ for that.
    I don’t know, but I would think hanging a windchime at the bottom of the stairs would also be a good idea.

  9. iTzSHAKiKi says:

    what if you have a …
    what if you have a split? in the entrance to my house, there’s a very small standing space and then stairs going both up and down. no place for flowers or mirrors… is there anything i can do? Thanks!

  10. cat11can says:

    Great tips, Thank …
    Great tips, Thank you for your help in Feng Shui. I put together a video on feng shui u might enjoy. Come see it for yourself, Leave a comment.

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