Home Office Feng Shui Tips : Defining the Bagua of a Room

house feng shui The bagua is the Feng Shui map of any house or room from the door to the back of the room or structure. Learn how to read a bagua correctly and assign meanings to each room area.

Expert: Katie Grant
Bio: Katie Grant teaches a workshop for actors and other creative people. Her style of Feng Shui is called the BTB, from the Tibet Buddist School. She is the owner of Grant Redesign group in Los Angeles.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:2:36

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5 Responses to “Home Office Feng Shui Tips : Defining the Bagua of a Room”

  1. gr8vibes2 says:

    All this is …
    All this is meaningless if a room has negative energy in it …and all do from time to time, so shar elimination and where and how to direct it should always be the prime objective of anyone’s living spaces.

  2. abixivispo says:

    Could you number …
    Could you number your videos?? Some times I just miss wich one comes after the other.

  3. thaibuddhaamulet says:

    Sounds good for …
    Sounds good for Feng Shui implementation

  4. anadavid72 says:

    their are two kinds …
    their are two kinds of baguas! the one with the directions and the one that is a fixed plan 9grid bagua! which one is the correct one??

  5. tuya444 says:

    messy explanation
    messy explanation

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