How Feng Shui Flying Star Can Help You Improve Your Wealth and Health

This aspect of feng shui is not typical within the arsenal of a geomancer expert or a feng shui master. The feng shui flying star revolves around mystery and is the child of mythology, superstition and historical fact. Said to be gifted from Mother Nature herself and originally written on the back of a giant Chinese turtle, the flying star sports the ‘Lo Shu’ diagram, or the nine numbers diagram that changes and rotates in response to many variables of time.

This article will give you an insight on how the feng shui flying star can help you improve your wealth and health.

The flying star model has nine numbers and each of the diagrams has a colour that is representing it. Some of them even come with elemental symbols but that feature is pretty rare in feng shui circles.

From white to purple, one to nine, this colourful ancient diagram is not just a spectrum’s afterthought; it is also a key and a compass to enhancing energies in any space to improve wealth and health. Its power and potential is great and if used properly, could be the tool to transform lives.

How this works is that the flying star and the eight sided map (ba gua) that geomancers use work together. By combining the two messages that these items will speak to you to, you can harmonise a place and the elements in it.

Make sure both are pointed in the right direction and the flying star will highlight the spaces in your house according to the colour of the diagrams in relation to the ba gua map. Looking at this blueprint for continued luck, all you have to do is match the flying star with different elements in relation to the colour the number it represents.

For example, if the flying star on 3 (normally symbolised by the colour green) points to the south west corner of your house, then all you have to do is place an element of a plant, or anything that sports the corresponding colour, shape or material. Feng shui flying stars can be symbolised by different objects with different properties as well. If you are unsure, contact your local geomancer and they should be able to help.

Some typical items are fishbowls, portraits, wind chimes, sources of water or even zodiacal flying star symbols. It may seem complicated at first, but as you learn more about the significance of the flying star, and how you can use objects to empower your space to absorb and retain more good energy, as well as balance the masculine and feminine energies (yin & yang) – you will experience more harmony as well as health and wealth.

You must also know that flying stars change with time, so it is all about mathematics and knowing the seasons of change. This is important to ensure your energies are in harmony and you won’t one day walk into a cyclone of turbulent ‘Chi’ dragging you and your life down into an unending spiral of bad luck.

Once you get the hang of it, the feng shui flying star is unparalleled in bringing about good luck, health and wealth and with it you will see your life rocket into success, break the stratosphere and become a bright shooting star.

Lynn Lee

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