University Hill Archiscale’s FENG SHUI HOUSE

house feng shui
University Hill development, single storey split level Archiscale’s FENG SHUI HOUSE

Duration : 0:2:39

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4 Responses to “University Hill Archiscale’s FENG SHUI HOUSE”

  1. RealHeadz says:

    Awesome renders …
    Awesome renders from sketchup! Which render plugin or program was used to render out these beautiful videos?

  2. archiscale says:

    Hi There,
    There …

    Hi There,
    There will be an update coming soon refer to link above to view floor plan.


    oh please subscribe to view more homes

  3. chopstick3409 says:

    Wow very modern, I …
    Wow very modern, I like it. It hardly even looks like a home. Any interior shots?

  4. archiscale says:

    Hi, Thanks mate,
    I …

    Hi, Thanks mate,
    I used Podium for rendering and Corel Draw to touch up image then Final Cut Express to Edit Video.
    Please subscribe to view our latest Video Updates,

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