What is Feng Shui? How to apply it at home? – part 1 – Terah Kathryn Collins

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6 Responses to “What is Feng Shui? How to apply it at home? – part 1 – Terah Kathryn Collins”

  1. mimique1111 says:

    question: what if …
    question: what if you live with someone else and can only control/rearrange a certain space in the house? i.e. your room etc.

  2. seaofclay says:

    VERY  GOOD!!!
    VERY  GOOD!!!

  3. SummerLova23 says:

    This is funny. I …
    This is funny. I spent the entire day yesterday redoing and organizing my bathroom and closet room. I felt a strong urge to change and organize everything and it’s amazing how I changed the entire energies of the rooms and house!

  4. URABombShell says:

    Ahhh,,, so nice of …
    Ahhh,,, so nice of the author to not just push her book and actually offer us a download. Thank you!!!! Thanks Li!!!! Much luv!!!!

  5. RadioRevistaCabala says:

    Un Saludo Cordial y …
    Un Saludo Cordial y de Mucha Luz.

    Me parece Excelente su Video.

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  6. msujana says:

    Hi Lilou, great …
    Hi Lilou, great interview… keep up the great work!

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