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Lucky Bamboo Arrangements

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

feng shui gift What is Lucky Bamboo? Legend says a gift of lucky bamboo can bring good luck, prosperity and happiness. Lucky Bamboo makes the perfect house or office plant. It is a great gift because brings positive energy and good fortune to a home. Lucky bamboo will bring prosperity, fortune and happiness to whoever has them, and improve feng shui wherever they locate.

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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 127 with Maureen Belle & Shelley Flanders and a Lessia Music Video

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

feng shui gift Maureen is an award-winning, internationally recognized author, lecturer, and teacher. She is renowned for merging her extensive knowledge of construction, non-toxic design, and earth wisdom with spiritual insights that are both timely and timeless. Maureen has been a feng shui consultant for twelve years and has a five-year professional degree in Interior Architecture, as well as more than thirty-five years of experience in design and construction. She specializes in safe environmental design. Her new book, “Multicultural Feng Shui: Creating Harmonious Environments”, is a fascinating exploration of the Feng Shui process.

Shelley, who also appeared on Show # 120 with Bernie Glassman, was born in New York on May 8, 1948 to creative and loving parents who named her after the poet, Percy Bysch Shelley, and gave her a dog named Keats when she was five. It was at about that same age when Shelley decided that something a great deal larger than she could understand fully at the time, was driving her small human frame.

After graduating college, with more questions than answers, Shelley traveled to India where she spent 8 years. From the moment she arrived in New Delhi, Shelley knew that her spirit had come home. She began to have experiences that vividly reminded her the reason for her existence, past, present and future, which culminated under a tree in Goa, India. Where like, Siddhartha, she too, received enlightenment.

Returning to the United States and to Santa Barbara, California, she joined forces with Allan in 1998 and began dedicating herself to helping him further develop Bridging Heaven & Earth as a vehicle for expansion and awareness–through the education of the Oneness of all life. Shelley is the Operating Director of The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation; a nonprofit, 501(C)3, educational organization. The goal of the Foundation is to support and expand the production and distribution of the Bridging Heaven & Earth television show and in addition, to establish The Bridging Heaven & Earth Communication and Retreat Center.

Bridging’s website is:


Bridging’s International Healing Art Project website is:

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Feng Shui for Living Room

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

house feng shui The living room in the room where you relax and spend time with friends, and a few Feng Shui changes can make this your favorite room. Includes description of how to place furniture and choose colors and art for the living room.

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Orchard Central – Feng Shui Garden Waterfall on Roof Garden L12

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

garden feng shui Beautiful art piece of Garden Waterfall made of large rock boulders and floral plants on Orchard Central Shopping Mall Roof Garden, Level 12 in Orchard Road Singapore. Just listen to the soothing sound of the water as it flows down the slope into the pond below can relax your mind. The pleasant sounds of moving water can generate a calming effect for almost anyone. It is believed by the feng shui believers that the moving water creates energy (chi) and balance in an environment.
Do you need a little relaxation at the end of a hard day? If you are a person who finds it hard to let go, why not try experiencing the soothing sounds of water? Listening to a waterfall can help you to ease tension and relax after a stressful day.

Not only are waterfalls beneficial for relaxation, they can help you to improve your concentration power and in meditation exercises too. Natural or artificial waterfalls are involved in the practice of Feng Shui and is believed to bring an individual’s room good luck and easily flowing positive energy (chi).

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Feng shui with Helen Williams of Place Right

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

feng shui gift For more than fifteen years Helen Williams has worked with thousands of clients to bring greater balance and harmony to their homes, gardens, workplaces, and properties in North America and beyond. Helen has taught hundreds of classes, written articles and a book, and appeared in major media in Canada and internationally.

In recent years her practice has shifted toward residential and commercial building and renovation. Helen works with designers, builders, contractors, and trades. She has experience with green and smart construction.

Some places have a “good vibe”. They beckon and make us feel good, while others repel and deplete us. Through her feng shui background and life evolution, Helen has developed a rare gift for connecting directly with the energies of site history, physical structure, underground water, earth energy (geopathic stress), environmental toxicity, and landforms. As she works she establishes a sense of constant pulsation and movement that invokes a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Her book Feng Shui Solutions: Conscious Living for the Modern Age will be published by Tuttle in late 2009.

Every human being has a path. If we are truly privileged we find a field that we can master.

Helen lives in Toronto, Canada and practices globally.

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