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Feng Shui Garden

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

garden feng shui “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
Lao Tzu

How is it possible that for us , humans, is so complicated to live in balance and harmony, with us, first , and with all that surrounds us … and live in accordance with nature …
In a Feng Shui Garden , seasons come and go, leaves fall and winds blow, rains come and rains will go, flowers bloom and vanish away … yet the garden , despite all the changes around, dressing itself with different colours and shapes and balancing ligh and shadow ….. always keep the essence of its creation … beauty, harmony, serenity …. a place where we can breath the Eternal essence of existence …

Was just wondering … speaking from my conscience to your conscience, I let my Heart be completly invaded …
Yes, souls Love…

Music: “Rythm of Tao Te Ching” / “Liu Garden of Suzhou” , Oliver Shanti & Friends (Tai Chi)
Images: Feng Shui Gardens and some Bali landscape pictures

Duration : 0:9:47


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Feng shui with Helen Williams of Place Right

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

feng shui gift For more than fifteen years Helen Williams has worked with thousands of clients to bring greater balance and harmony to their homes, gardens, workplaces, and properties in North America and beyond. Helen has taught hundreds of classes, written articles and a book, and appeared in major media in Canada and internationally.

In recent years her practice has shifted toward residential and commercial building and renovation. Helen works with designers, builders, contractors, and trades. She has experience with green and smart construction.

Some places have a “good vibe”. They beckon and make us feel good, while others repel and deplete us. Through her feng shui background and life evolution, Helen has developed a rare gift for connecting directly with the energies of site history, physical structure, underground water, earth energy (geopathic stress), environmental toxicity, and landforms. As she works she establishes a sense of constant pulsation and movement that invokes a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Her book Feng Shui Solutions: Conscious Living for the Modern Age will be published by Tuttle in late 2009.

Every human being has a path. If we are truly privileged we find a field that we can master.

Helen lives in Toronto, Canada and practices globally.

Duration : 0:6:51


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