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Feng Shui 101: How to Correctly Place a TV

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

house feng shui Feng shui principles talk about the importance of keeping harmony in the family home, and we go through some basic tenants of this eastern practice to help you place and use a TV wisely. Visit for expert videos, tips, resources, and advice on home decorating. And read Sarah Shurety’s great book “Feng Shui for Your Home” for great in-depth help with setting up your home and rooms. Music: “Birth” by Kyle Patrick Johnson.

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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 127 with Maureen Belle & Shelley Flanders and a Lessia Music Video

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

feng shui gift Maureen is an award-winning, internationally recognized author, lecturer, and teacher. She is renowned for merging her extensive knowledge of construction, non-toxic design, and earth wisdom with spiritual insights that are both timely and timeless. Maureen has been a feng shui consultant for twelve years and has a five-year professional degree in Interior Architecture, as well as more than thirty-five years of experience in design and construction. She specializes in safe environmental design. Her new book, “Multicultural Feng Shui: Creating Harmonious Environments”, is a fascinating exploration of the Feng Shui process.

Shelley, who also appeared on Show # 120 with Bernie Glassman, was born in New York on May 8, 1948 to creative and loving parents who named her after the poet, Percy Bysch Shelley, and gave her a dog named Keats when she was five. It was at about that same age when Shelley decided that something a great deal larger than she could understand fully at the time, was driving her small human frame.

After graduating college, with more questions than answers, Shelley traveled to India where she spent 8 years. From the moment she arrived in New Delhi, Shelley knew that her spirit had come home. She began to have experiences that vividly reminded her the reason for her existence, past, present and future, which culminated under a tree in Goa, India. Where like, Siddhartha, she too, received enlightenment.

Returning to the United States and to Santa Barbara, California, she joined forces with Allan in 1998 and began dedicating herself to helping him further develop Bridging Heaven & Earth as a vehicle for expansion and awareness–through the education of the Oneness of all life. Shelley is the Operating Director of The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation; a nonprofit, 501(C)3, educational organization. The goal of the Foundation is to support and expand the production and distribution of the Bridging Heaven & Earth television show and in addition, to establish The Bridging Heaven & Earth Communication and Retreat Center.

Bridging’s website is:


Bridging’s International Healing Art Project website is:

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Armchair Feng Shui! – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

house feng shui A Feng Shui expert stops by the site to help with the build.

Watch full episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition at

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Feng Shui War

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

feng shui gift Produced at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School during the Adult Media Intensive Program (September 20th – 26th, 2009) by Judy Woo, Matt Gordon and Fred Swindells.

Three people with very different ideas manage to make a documentary about their struggles.

Music by Abscondo, Additional footage by Cort Watt and Dan Lintaman.

Check out more G.I.F.T.S. films at

Duration : 0:5:50


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